Mercy Pet Hospital Puppy Plan

We are honored that you have chosen Mercy Pet Hospital to provide veterinary care for your new family member. We are even more pleased to offer you our comprehensive puppy package for your new canine friend. This package includes disease screen tests, vaccinations, and deworming/parasite protection for your puppy.


Your puppy will receive an initial examination at their first visit. This exam will allow you to get to know the doctor and staff. The doctor will be checking the general health of your new family member. They will specifically be looking to identify any congenital abnormalities, as well as discuss new puppy care. We can then develop a vaccination and parasite control plan that is individually tailored to your puppy based on its needs. The doctor will briefly evaluate your puppy at 16 weeks of age when they receive its rabies with a technician appointment. There will also be a second full examination at a later date to determine the health of your puppy prior to their spay/neuter surgery.


Series of three DHPP vaccinations given every 3-4 weeks. This vaccination protects the puppy from distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, and parainfluenza.
Series of two Leptospirosis vaccines to protect a common bacterial disease that causes acute and usually fatal kidney and liver failure. This disease can be passed to humans.
Rabies vaccination that protects your puppy for 1 year.
We do offer other lifestyle vaccines: CIV (canine influenza); Bordetella (kennel cough); Lyme (transmitted by ticks) and Rattlesnake vaccine. Please speak with your veterinarian to discuss these other vaccines.


We use a broad-spectrum dewormer that is effective against roundworms, hookworm, whipworm, and tapeworms. This is repeated twice at sequential visits.

Fecal Analysis

Although we deworm your new pet it is not uncommon for puppies to carry coccidia and giardia that can be passed on to other dogs and cats. Giardia is also contagious to humans. These parasites are not killed by standard deworming medication and require different medications to treat. So, it is important to perform a fecal analysis even though deworming medication is given.

  • 3 months of Trifexis (flea and heartworm prevention).
  • 2 nail trims (at the time of your puppy’s visits)

Microchip Placement – We will place a Home Again microchip in your puppy (that will be registered to you). In the event, your puppy should get lost he/she will have an easier time finding their way home. While the microchip can be placed at any time, it is usually injected at the time of the spay/neuter while the puppy is asleep so they do not feel the larger needle used.
Also included are a puppy care guide from Royal Canin, information about pet insurance, and a fun new puppy toy.

Once again, we here at Mercy Pet Hospital are happy to welcome your new family member into our practice. We look forward to providing care for your puppy for years to come.